Best UI UX design classes in Jaipur

UI/UX design course cover basic design principles including color theory, typography, layout, and composition. Students gain a solid foundation in visual aesthetics and learn how to create visually appealing interfaces. Experienced professionals with good connections in the industry teach the course.

Students work on real-world projects throughout the course and create a comprehensive portfolio that showcases their skills and creativity. Students learn how to design and create user-friendly interfaces and how to create engaging user experiences.

What will be covered in this UI UX Design Classes?

  • Understanding the difference between UI and UX is fundamental to the understanding of design.
  • User Interface: Refers to the visual and interactive components of digital products.
  • User Experience: Refers to the user's satisfaction during the interaction.

  • UI patterns are confirmed solutions to common design challenges.
  • Navigation patterns: Ensure intuitive exploration (e.g., tabs, menus).
  • Input patterns: Enhance user interaction (e.g., forms, buttons).
  • Frequent use of patterns helps with familiarity and usefulness.

  • Visual hierarchy arranges content to direct the user's attention.
  • Effective layouts ensure clearness and readability.
  • The grid system and positioning principles maintain visual consistency
  • The balance between white space, text, and images creates creative benefits.

  • The visual design assumes artful and visual aspects.
  • Color theory and psychology should attendant color scheme choice.
  • Typography affects openness and esthetic.
  • Layout principles ensure a visually stabilized design.

  • Availability is vital to meeting the needs of people with conditions.
  • Observation of Web Content Readiness Guidelines encourage inclusivity.
  • Overall UI/UX design principles transcend borders for diverse user bases.
  • Availability is important to meet the needs of people with conditions.
  • Following web content preparation guidelines encourages inclusivity.
  • Overall UI/UX design principles transcend boundaries for diverse user stay.

  • Usability Testing and Evaluation
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile and Responsive Design
  • Content Strategy

  • User-Centered Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Data-Driven Design
  • UI UX Tools
  • Cognitive Psychology in Design

UI UX design course Journey at Magnify Institute

At Magnify Institute we provide a step-by-step learning journey throughout the curriculum. Here we are telling about the 6-month course of Magnify Scholars going on this journey.


Demo Class

We provide demo classes for students so that they analyze and choose the right training institute.


Practical task

We provide you with practical-oriented classes so that you can face the challenges of the industry.



We are giving you daily base tasks to help you increase your practical knowledge of what you learn.


Test for Doubts Clearing

We provide doubt-solving sessions after class to understand the topic easily.



We provide certification after completing the course, so that you can work in the company with confidence.



Get 100% placement assistance in our course and work with the best brands and companies.

FAQs Related to UI UX Design Course

To become a UI/UX designer, start building basic skills through courses or a degree. Create a great portfolio that includes your work. Increase practical knowledge and experience through internships or freelancing. Utilize expert design tools while remaining abreast of current trends

No, the UI/UX design course does not require any coding. However, knowledge of coding or coding languages can be an added advantage.

Those who learn UI and UX design do not require any degree. Candidates possess aptitude, creativity, and analytical skills. .

Magnify Institute UI/UX Course offers the most planned courses with the best opportunity of open situations on your profile.
  • Complete a UI/UX project from start to finish.
  • Use UI/UX and it's an extensive variety of board windows
  • Make custom arrangement presets for different objectives
  • Pick site 'decides' to organize
  • Make your UI/UX agreeable
  • Work with live site and change in site at express times
  • Providing a skill for visual planning
  • A comprehension of the brain research of human-PC relations
  • Acquire information on website architecture joined with specialized abilities.

  • Flexible Course timing
  • Gives Subject Notes
  • Portfolio Prepared for Work
  • Get Everyday Undertakings to Practice
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Get 2 to 3 Demo Classes
  • Free Specific Assistance right after finishing the errands
  • Expecting that you are missing any classes, the following day's Classes are open
  • Free Specific Assistance on Re-appropriating Errands to Get Bring in Money
  • Free Web and Practical Classroom Environment

  • Junior UI/UX designer
  • Senior UX creator
  • Lead UX creator
  • Head UX creator

  • Junior UI/UX designers can expect an annual salary between 2-4 lakhs.
  • Mid-level with three to five years of experience 5-6 lakh per annum.
  • UI/UX designer with ten years of experience, 12-15 lakhs per annum.

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I really had a great learning experience with Magnify Institute. If you are looking for the best website development institute in Jhotwara, I would recommend Magnify Institute.

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The way their teaching is very clear and easy to understand. Thanks to Sameer sir for providing In Details about Digital marketing. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to make a career in Digital marketing.

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Magnify Institute offers a comfortable Learning Environment. Suraj Sir is an approachable mentor. We can ask him any question Related to design, and he clears our doubts with the simplest explanations.

Sachin Bansal

Overall my experience was good with Magnify Institute, their teaching methods are practical and easy to understand. The best part is that they also take tests and mock interviews to test how much we have understood.

Asif khan

90+ Review